Advisory Services


BlueBridge provides confidential, one-on-one business advisory service at no charge to members of its small businesses. Our experts have many years of experience in their respective fields and provide objective guidance and feedback to our clients.

Why Meet with an Advisor

Small businesses and small non-profits often face situations that require expert guidance to avoid costly mistakes. BlueBridge provides accessible and knowledgeable resources through its staff and specialized consultants. These experts are adept at identifying potential problems that even the best planning might have overlooked – and every entrepreneur can benefit from getting a fresh perspective. With comprehensive and objective feedback – as early in the process as possible – your strategies and next steps will be much clearer. Plus, BlueBridge services to the members of Prosperity Nigeria are without cost, leaving you more resources to spend on starting or growing your business.


Entrepreneurs starting a venture often face many unexpected challenges. They might wonder which steps they should take first, or even worry about what questions they have not even thought to ask. At the very earliest concept for a business venture, our staff and specialized consultants provide objective feedback and suggest approaches you might have overlooked. All BlueBridge services to members of the Prosperity Nigeria are provided without cost and all sessions are held in strictest confidence. Types of guidance we can provide include:

  • Objective feedback on your business concept
  • Steps for Starting a Business checklist
  • Our Business Planning Guide – one of our top resources
  • Referral to sources of professional guidance – lawyers, accountants, and more
  • Connections to key resources that will help you start and grow your business
  • Guidance on obtaining government permits
  • Expert financial advice to make sure your concept is viable; assistance in planning your early-stage financing, preparing a strong loan application, and connecting to financiers

Existing Businesses

Existing Businesses can benefit from contacting our small business experts for objective feedback and suggestions on improving their operations, marketing and profitability. We are a consulting firm with strong connections to federal, state and local governments, as well as local business and academic resources. This allows us unique access to information that can be hugely beneficial to our small business clients. Types of guidance we can provide include:

  • Updating or improving your business plan – or writing one if you started without it
  • Financial management guidance with a small business financial expert
  • Help obtaining operating or expansion capital
  • Referrals to respected experts such as lawyers and accountants
  • Connections to resources and organizations to help with marketing and networking
  • Help with regulatory issues
  • Growth strategies; new markets such as national or International Trade
  • Marketing and social media guidance
  • Human resources help
  • Business acquisition
  • Timely and information-packed business educational programs

Simply complete the Pre-Advisory Services Questionnaire to request an appointment with an Advisor


General Advisory Services

We provide advisory services in a variety of areas, and we customize our services based on your specific needs. See the list below for examples of types of guidance we provide, and click here to request a complimentary advisory session.

Specialized Advisory Services

In addition to general consulting on issues such as business startups, registration processes, Business Plans, loan application procedures, financial issues, etc., BlueBridge has several subject matter experts who can meet one-on-one with members under a special arrangement.


  • Assess viability of concept
  • More efficient & effective planning
  • Detailed financial analysis / connections to lenders and investor groups
  • Guidance through registration requirements
  • Market assessment / marketing concept
  • Introductions to professionals (lawyers, accountants, etc.)

Startup Process

  • Cash flow planning / cost management
  • Market analysis
  • Connections to resources, business organizations, networking opportunities
  • Best practices
  • Business acquisition

Early Growth Stage

  • Management / operations fine-tuning
  • Staff expansion issues
  • Expansion cash flow forecasting
  • Contact with lenders / capital sources
  • Capacity planning
  • Exploring new markets / revising concept
  • Strategies for faster growth

Steady Growth Stage

  • Management / professional relationship adjustments
  • New relationships with lenders / investors
  • Operations management
  • New opportunities – federal /state government, international trade, private sector

Exit Strategy

  • Exit strategies
  • Business valuation
  • Business ownership transition / sale

Disasters / Disruptions / Downturns

  • Contingency planning / preparedness
  • Succinct information / guidance scaled to small businesses
  • Problem solving
  • Improve cash management