Criteria -Eligibility

Criteria / Eligibility

The term small business covers a wide range of product and service offerings. Lawyers, doctors, architects, surveyors and dentists are also in the business of owning and operating small businesses. How about the roadside shop owners, the dry cleaner, barber and restaurant operator on the corner and the roadside mechanic or the welder? Each one is a small business. Small business also covers all legal business entities. So small businesses can be sole proprietorships, non-profits, public listed or limited liability companies, as long as they have fewer than 100 employees.


The Program is open to sole traders, partnerships, or registered companies, or businesses in the process of being established and it covers all the following sectors. If you are involved in any or all of the following sectors please SIGN UP to join the Grow Your Small Business Online Initiative.

  • Agriculture/forestry
  • Arts/Crafts/Design
  • Construction
  • Energy/environment
  • Financial services/insurance
  • Food
  • Healthy/beauty
  • Hospitality/hotels/restaurants/food supply
  • ICT/Software
  • Manufacturing
  • Marine/fishing
  • Professional/administrative services
  • Real estate
  • Retail
  • Transport/storage
  • Tourism
  • Wholesale